NOLA Brings A Creamy Twist To Heritage Day By Taking You Down Memory Lane

Next Monday is Heritage Day, during which South Africans all around the country celebrate their cultural traditions, along with the amazing diversity of cultures and beliefs that help make the rainbow nation so vibrant and dynamic.

This includes the food they make and enjoy, as few things are able to take you on a journey down memory lane faster than tasting a dish that reminds you of a special person or occasion – your mother’s Sunday lunch, your wedding, a family braai or fishing trips with your dad (for example).

This Heritage Day, NOLA, South Africa’s favourite mayonnaise is enabling you to #CreateAStir by recreating nostalgic dishes such as these and even go another step further… Why don’t you add a creamy touch and enhance the flavour of your favourite dish, through the addition of NOLA Original Mayonnaise?

All you need to do is to create a heritage dish inspired by NOLA and post it on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube), using #CreateAStir and tagging NOLA Mayonnaise. This can be anything from a tangy braai marinade for your lamb chops through to a creamy twist to your potato or coleslaw salad that will accompany your snoek braai.

Beyond inspiring some new creative ways to spice up classic summer dishes and providing a good dollop of nostalgia, this competition will also see the best recipes and most creative dishes being entered into a draw for a prize of a set of Le Creuset pots worth R20 000.

“South Africans have a proud heritage and this Heritage Day you can add a fresh twist to that favourite dish with Nola Mayonnaise” says Nelia Nieuwoudt, Brand Manager of NOLA Mayonnaise. “The great thing about cooking is that people can tap into their creativity to spice up generic recipes using NOLA original Mayonnaise, along with what’s on hand in their pantry or refrigerator. #CreateAStir with NOLA and stand a chance of winning this amazing price.” Terms & Conditions apply.

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