NM Studios Presents An Afternoon With Jazz Artist Mandisi Dyantyis

NM Studios announce its first collaborative project with Afro-Soul Jazz artist, Mandisi Dyantyis. The space will be graced with an exhibition of his versatility as a prolific songwriter/composer, trumpeter, and outstanding vocal artist. In the year 2019, Dyantyis released his debut album, titled Somandla. In this body of work, Mandisi produced a melodic sound on the sacred act prayer peppered with issues of current societal interest. Most noteworthy is the classic romantic sentiment delivered in the persuasive elegance of his mother tongue, isiXhosa. He currently holds the position of Musical Director for theatre company Isango Ensemble – previously known as Portobello. He has held this position since 2008, which has seen him travel around the globe to places such as London, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, and the USA sharing his absolute gift of storytelling while immersing himself with his audience. Mandisi’s work effortlessly recognizes his audience and deeply touches the hearts of many.

The essence of the collaboration is to advocate for inclusive projects amongst esteemed creatives. Mandisi will meet and play with the Joburg-based band, uMbaqanga waBlues who carry their African pride with dignity, not only with their name but also in the manner that they perform and navigate themselves within the creative environment. The collaboration between Mandisi and the band will culminate in an intimate showcase experience at the Botho Project Space in the heart of Johannesburg. The collective will share exclusive pieces created throughout the residency. We perceive this to be the continuation of great solo melodies and the start of exponential joint stories.

19th of June 2021, 15:00pm – 18:00pm
Botho Project Space, 160 Eloff Street, Village Deep, Johannesburg
Tickets available here include choice of wine and snack.

Since its inception, the vision at NM Studios has been to position itself at the forefront and the intersection of various creative mediums. By curating a space for a diversity of creatives to dream, expand, make and play; bridges will be built and creative gaps filled with new stories and narratives, informed by our ever-evolving culture. In this manner, the space moves from simply being a studio, into a platform for exceptional creatives from all corners of the African continent, and the world, to collide and create unimaginable impact.

Creatives are forces of brilliance and by collaborating and aligning the space with them, NM Studios is choosing to hold itself accountable as advocates of inclusivity, excellence, and rich expression.

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