Nina Hastie Headed To Cape Town Her One-Woman Show

Comedienne, actress, talk show host and voice-over artist Nina Hastie is headed to Cape Town for The Mother City Comedy Festival this February. Performing her hit stand-up comedy show, Nina Hastie is getting ready to share her life stumbles as a white South African; live at the Baxter Studio in Cape Town with Thuma Nina.

Thuma Nina is written and performed by Nina Hastie as a one-woman comedy show. It’s a story of how Nina has stumbled through her life and democracy in South Africa managing to offend everyone, despite her very best intentions.


A clever play on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s 2017 presidential campaign, Thuma Nina uses comedy to navigate South Africa through Nina’s candidness and frankness.

Nina will perform her one woman stand-up comedy show Thuma Nina at The Mother City Comedy Festival on 28 February at Baxter Studio in Cape Town. Be sure to get your tickets to the festival, now available at

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