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Artist Bio’s


Alone which will be joining us this year is a brand with a unique style. The collection that Alone will be showcasing this year is inspired by The Universe And Heartbreaks. When we asked Tendai, the designer what was the most memorable response he has ever received he said it would have to be how people’s faces light up when they set their eyes on the merchandise they purchased for the first time. Tendai believes in the power of collaboration and mentions that “As young creatives if we can put our egos aside and stop being so competitive towards each other. Working Together we can do the most for the culture. Is that not why we were put on the same planet. “


The Uniconz, who have been around for some time now have gained some serious street cred. They give us exclusive pieces that can be used to describe ones individuality. What started out as an idea, and then a movement has now become a well-recognised brand. There is more to them than just clothing, as they have also become a brand which challenges our Social Norms. And with their interesting concepts one can never predict what we can expect from them.


TRNSD, founded by Khanyi Dube is a forward thinking Fashion brand which innovatively transcends beyond our time. Its forward thinking attitude is what helped the brand quickly become one of the most loved and easily recognisable fashion brands our street culture has ever loved.  Each piece is thoroughly thought of making it a quality garment that can live throughout each season and certainly add an edge to your style.


Oddity is a feminine brand founded by siblings Bokang and Tony. Together they work on beautiful designs that complement the lifestyle of a modern feminine and stylish lady. The collection which will be showcased at our March exhibition was driven by the “easy on easy off” fashion trend. Comfortability is of outmost importance to them. And they wanted pieces that were easy to wear for different occasions.  They want to make memorable clothing and mention that they would love to contribute positively to our fashion industry with more uniqueness and individuality


Lorenzo Plaatjies is a talented illustrator who has distinctive illustrations that are unique to his style of art. For our March exhibition, he reveals that all of the pieces he will be showcasing revolve around the theory of hedonism a theory that he thinks ties most of his work together. The pieces are all inspired by pop culture. He played a lot with the elements of pain and pleasure in these pieces trying to reflect pleasure through the beauty or aesthetic in the piece and have the pain or angst reflected  through the subject matter. All the pieces that he is showcasing share these elements.


Mbali Tshabalala is an illustrator who has a unique style approach to his illustrations. With this exhibition Mbali explains that the main inspiration behind the pieces he plans on exhibiting revolves around “Female Energy” as he believes it to be one of the most powerful forces of nature we’re fortunate enough to be blessed with.  We asked him what was the most memorable response he has ever received for his art pieces and he said, “”In this internet crazed era , art that truly embraces vulnerability & femininity as a whole is very important , please don’t stop creating your art”. He was so touched he was actually almost in tears.



This year we will also be working with Karbz who explains his installation as an interpretation of our current street culture. He’ll be creating a live art fashion installation that focuses on local Streetwear brands. An Installation which is inspired by the culture we currently live in and brands that represent us, with our colourful culture. It will be an interactive installation and will give guests an opportunity to experiment with the product he will be showcasing. He mentions that the inspiration behind his installation is to encourage people to not being afraid to express themselves through their clothes and not be afraid of looking different.

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