New Rum, Dead Man’s Fingers, Makes A Creatively Bold Statement

Cornwall’s finest rum export, Dead Man’s Fingers (DMF), is gate-crashing Spring in South Africa with their official arrival, and by way of introduction, they are quite literally vandalising billboards and going against the usual direction as to how the platform is habitually exploited. Representing the right to own your voice and creativity by resisting the usual, DMF is preparing a reveal that will become a series of deviant depictions of free expression.

Creating a statement

Deliberate and unconventional in everything it does, DMF has partnered with two of Mzanzi’s most dynamic and disruptive creatives, Mars (JHB) and MacClements (CT), to take over, marouflage and sabotage conformity in a righteous display of artistic statements, across the Gauteng and Western Cape skylines this week.

Both these trail blazers embody DMF’s mantra of ‘Resist The Usual’. Mars has been beautifying all things derelict and run down for more than a decade. His urban contemporary art adorns walls across Joburg, much of which has seen him awarded and applauded for his trademark style and commitment to the passive resistance of the expected through art. “I’m super amped to be involved in such a rad launch project. DMF is an exciting, energetic brand that is doing something different, which immediately resonated with me. It’s a perfect fit with graffiti and street culture,” says Mars. 

“What’s great is that DMF is supporting our local creative and art scene, which is so important in these crazy times,” adds MacClements. This one-time Grade-A-graduating architect ditched his day job to focus on all things graf and mural, and today is one of the most sought after masters of his craft in Cape Town. 

Collectively, these two individualists are painting depictions no one can ignore.

Street art is quintessentially and unapologetically synonymous with DMF’s intent to disrupt. “DMF supports this way of thinking, as well as the street art scene,” Johan Oosthuizen, Managing Director of Halewood Artisanal Spirits South Africa, asserts. “This campaign quite simply intends painting over everything that was there before it, in a way that reflects our perpetual urge to go against the grain, whilst delivering a quality product that celebrates what makes each one of us unique.”

Rising to the occasion

With cherrypickers erected and graf ambassadors installed, the great DMF reveal has begun. Twelve-metre high visual statements have started popping up on 22 Section Street, in Cape Town, N1 Towers at the Buccleuch Interchange in Jozi; with R21 Emperors, Makro Centurion and Riverands to follow. Each piece is a once-off statement that reflects DMFs endorsement of making a mark and creating a declaration that shouts its intent to champion the extraordinary in us all. 

Clear and committed intent

As freedom of expression comes into sharp focus – from a disarming blur – creativity and originality are playing out on visual statements across Cape Town and Joburg in the day and weeks ahead, each confidently confirming DMF’s intent to make a splash, one can at a time, be that paint or ready-to-drink elixirs.

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