New Record ‘Gaia & Friends’ To Be Released In March

Always inspired by new experiences and taking the road less travelled, CRYSTAL FIGHTERS release their new record ‘Gaia & Friends’ on March 1st.

The record has been launched with the new single ‘Wild Ones’, an exuberant fusion of psychedelia, global modern pop and bass heavy production.

‘Gaia & Friends’ is a “snapshot of time and a chapter of music” created across continents, with a crew of collaborators and with a clear message at its heart.

Featured on the record are Anna Of The North, Colombian superstars Bomba Estéreo and South Africa’s Petite Noir, alongside interludes, samples and field recordings captured by the band on their travels across four continents.

The title ‘Gaia & Friends’ is a reflection of CRYSTAL FIGHTERS’ outlook on the world and existence – ‘Gaia’ representing Mother Earth and ‘Friends’ her diverse inhabitants. Humanity, animals and plant-life co-exist in the moment, with the planet representing a gigantic party for life in all of its many forms. The songs naturally touch upon themes of togetherness, inclusivity, conservation and connectivity, all united by the realisation that we need to respect the world that we live in.

“Our music represents the coming together of people and spirits in one place, and we see that as an analogy of life itself,” says frontman Sebastian Pringle. “We’re all together in this one big concert that is life. Our music is a celebration of life.”

Recently, CRYSTAL FIGHTERS have explored new musical territory. ‘Boomin’ In Your Jeep’  presented a scaled up take on their life-affirming sound, which resulted in a premiere from Annie Mac, Radio 1 airplay from Dev & Alice Levine and over 12 million streams. They then dropped the ‘Hypnotic Sun’ EP which featured collabs with Latin American superstars Bomba Estéreo and Feed Me.  


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