New Amapiano & Hip-Hop Fused Single Dancefloor By GIN

GIN’s song “Dancefloor” is a high-energy Amapiano beat that keeps clubgoers on the Dancefloor. What turned out to be a vacation in Rome, Italy for GIN ended up being a video shoot. Dancefloor was shot by American-Italian Daniele Ricci from HedgieFilms and took 3 days to shoot the video throughout the various locations in Rome. Every location that Gin is in throughout the video represents the Dancefloor and reminds viewers and listeners to have fun.

GIN’s new album Birds of a feather is a mixture of Hip-hop with Amapiano and Afrohouse. Birds of a Feather provides uplifting lyrics over dance-infused beats.  Birds of a Feather represents a musical journey of Los Angeles based artist, GIN who travels to South Africa to create new music. 

GIN was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has built a growing international fanbase in Africa as well as the United Arab Emirates. This is her third full album project. 

Birds of a Feather is now Available for Purchase and on all streaming platforms.

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