Nando’s Invites You To Be Boujee… For The Gram!

We’ve all been there…bending, flexing, and climbing to find juuust the right angle for that Insta-worthy snap… after all, it’ll live on the internet forever and people out there are hungry for some fresh content!

To mark the entry of their latest menu item, the ‘Boujee Bowl’, Nando’s new ad celebrates everything that’s extra; Boujee pays homage to all the sneaker lovers, ‘flexers’, and ‘bowlers’ who are doing the most to live their best lives – for the Gram!

The advert laughs at the “for the Gram” phenomena, from spine-tingling sensory stimulus (for you ASMR lovers), to over-the-top dine-out vibes at the invitation of a hilariously gawdy forex trader. Well-known influencer Pharoafi, who has kept South Africans “influtained” in her own right, also cameos in this parody of what we’ve all gone through to get that perfect Insta-snap. In true Nando’s style, there is also a healthy dose of hilarious hidden jokes and references for fans to find and share.

“Being boujee in a Nando’s sense is something every South African can relate to. Mzanzi has luxurious aspirations, so this ad is our way of celebrating just how far people go to express their boujee-ness. Come and be boujee with us anytime!” Says Doug Place, Chief Marketing Officer for Nando’s IMEA

So what is a Boujee Bowl?

Getting real clout is easy with bowl food served on a bed of rice, accompanied by generous portions of sweet corn, chargrilled red peppers, baby spinach, and flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken (or halloumi for non-meat eaters).

Don’t miss out, catch Boujee here, and see if you can spot all the fiery hidden nuggets.

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