#MusicFindMonday | Umaah Releases EP Sheila

Umaah’s debut release under Jo’burg leftfield electronica imprint SubWav is entitled ‘Sheila’ after the artist’s grandmother. The EP is an a cornucopia of aural collisions.
The collision between two distant generation of African womxnhood; Between urban and rural forms of protest music; and between the folkloric warmth of oral tradition juxtaposed to the cold synthetic precision of beat machines.

“I found the process of creating ‘Sheila’ to be one of Trust, trusting myself and trusting everyone who helped me open heartedly to see it all into fruition… I strongly believe that giving love to your living breathing ancestors is profoundly a great blessing.” says Umaah

All songs were written by Umaah and Produced by Micr.Pluto expect for Sandman (Produced by Eye-on Feather)

You can listen to the EP here:

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