MTN Signs Agreement On Reduced, Inclusive Data Pricing

MTN is pleased to announce the finalisation of its agreement with the Competition Commission on the wide array of voluntary price adjustments announced last month and implemented on April 15. This agreement follows the Commission’s Data Service Market Inquiry in December last year and subsequent negotiations between the Commission and industry. Importantly, the agreement includes a key social compact commitment on free data for access to essential services, like education websites.

“We are pleased to have reached this agreement with the Competition Commission as it is a further social commitment that MTN will continue to advance the significant measures already implemented over the past number of years, to drive financial inclusion and reduce data prices,” says MTN SA CEO Godfrey Motsa.

MTN will continue to build on the initiatives already announced to ensure more people in all areas across the country can enjoy the benefits of a modern, connected life on South Africa’s best network.

The new prices and volumes are detailed below:

Bundle Description Current Volume (MB) Current Rate New Volume New Rate
Monthly – 20MB 20 R10 40 R10
Monthly – 50MB 50 R20 100 R20
Monthly – 100MB 100 R29 150 R29
Monthly – 150MB 150 R39 200 R39
Monthly – 300MB 300 R60 350 R60
Monthly – 500MB N/A N/A 500 R75
Monthly – 600MB 600 R99 N/A N/A
Monthly – 750MB 750 R120 750 R89
Monthly – 1GB 1024 R149 1024 R99
Monthly – 1.5GB 1524 R189 1536 R149
Monthly – 2GB N/A N/A 2048 R189
Monthly – 3GB 3072 R299 3072 R229
Monthly – 6GB 6144 R399 6144 R399
Monthly – 10GB 10240 R499 10240 R469
Monthly – 20GB 20480 R899 20480 R699
Monthly – 30GB 30720 R1 249 30720 R999
Monthly – 50GB 51200 R1 999 51200 R1 499
Monthly – 100GB 102400 R3 499 102400 R2 499

More details on the voluntary undertakings (including the specific retail price reductions as announced on 15 April) are contained in the Editor’s Notes of this media statement.

In addition to the significant price reductions announced, MTN’s mobile money solution, MoMo has announced social media bundles offering extraordinary discounts and value.

On 8 April, MTN MoMo social bundles were introduced at some of the lowest-ever social media data bundle prices offered by MTN. This will see MTN customers use their positive MoMo cash balance to buy any of the five new bundles offered to suit their unique usage needs and budget. A 500MB day pass is currently available for just R8 and a 7-day 5GB pass for just R60. Currently, MTN is also waiving MoMo cash in service fees to assist customers during the current nationwide lockdown and has committed to continue finding creative ways to improve access to data for all South Africans into the future.

“We remain as committed as ever to consistently providing the best quality network, with accessible pricing and real value to all our customers,” concludes Motsa.


Featured Photo by Pratik Gupta on Unsplash


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