Moshito To Preserve Indigenous Sounds With Upcoming Three-Day Event

Moshito 2020 dedicates this year’s music conference to the preservation of our indigenous sounds, there isn’t a better choice of venue than The Joburg theatre. Officially themed ‘Preserving our Indigenous sounds in the 4IR’, this year’s music conference is a recognition and a reminder of all the sounds that birthed the sounds of today.

Joburg Theatre, previously known as the Johannesburg Civic Theatre) is a group of four theatres situated in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa. It was built in 1962, refurnished in the late 1980s and reopened in the early 1990s before it was re-branded in 2009. It’s a venue to stage both Broadway musicals and home-grown productions.

Moshito 2020 is dedicated to preserving our indigenous sounds – the sounds that are produced and originate in South Africa from Kwaito, Maskandi, Jazz, Afro pop, Hip Hop and more. Moshito will showcase the work of South African producers and artists throughout our musical history. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic Moshito will host a variety of speakers ranging from artists and industry leaders, entrepreneurs, technology pioneers, digital influencers and journalists into a continental discussion of great importance.

Our key focus for our 2020 17th edition is on offering a semi- virtual conference platform that will be used to educate our people about the new digital world practices, trade preparedness while we showcase 100% local artists, as part of the support stimulus to assist artists keep alive in this trying times.

Moshito Chairperson Mr Stanley Khoza says, “It’s an exciting moment today and a great opportunity for me as a young leader of such an international conference to have been entrusted with such a responsibility. I believe that the leaders who built the Moshito vision had a clear structure which today positioned itself as Africa’s premier music market. Despite the unmeasurable impact of Covid-19 in our lives and as an industry, we have managed as Moshito to find a way of keeping the vision, the brand, the industry alive and vibrant with possibilities, we pride our self in preserving our indigenous music and bridging trade experience in the sector. We export our talents to the world and bring the world to our people through music and programming that is purely designed to embrace social cohesion, Ubuntu, and nation branding.”

Our success is attributed to the partnerships that Moshito has with over 16 music markets across the African soil, it will run from 4 – 7 November 2020 at the Joburg theatre. This year’s will see a virtual gathering of delegates from as far as Botswana,   Canada, Cameroon, France, Germany, Jamaica, Mauritius, Mozambique, Reunion Island, Nigeria, Swaziland, South Korea, Seychelles, Spain, UK, USA, Zanzibar and across the country, lined up to have a front row seat at the music table.

“Moshito music conference brings together industry practitioners, experts and talent scouts (booking agents, A&R Managers, festival and concert directors) from all over the world. Unfortunately, this year most of our spectators will be experiencing a Hybrid version of the conference due to Covid-19. Moshito remains the platform that gives emerging talent an opportunity that every aspiring musician should take up without hesitation, which is to present their music in front of industry decision makers”, said the General Manager of Moshito, Sina Kwepile.

Aligned with the theme, Moshito 2020 has chosen the legendary Steve Kekana as well as the vibrant and energetic Queen of Limpopo, Makhadzi, as this year’s Ambassadors as they embody what this Africa’s premier music market stand for.

This year’s conference will be like no other – from chants to the creation of music, to melodies when trying to calm wars, the sounds of the South Africans will echo and bless the upcoming conference. 

The three-day music events include 2 conferences with day showcases in between showcasing local upcoming talent at Joburg theatre. Lastly, the streets of Vilakazi in Soweto will be buzzing with our indigenous sounds.

Moshito 2020 shows:

  • 2-day conferencing @Joburg Theatre 
  • Day showcases at Joburg Theatre
  • Moshito street event in Vilakazi, Soweto

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