Morena The Squire Picking Up The Musical Mirror

Morena-busa Katiso Sefatsa, better known as Morena The Squire returns to musical form as he curates his 6 track offering entitled “I Am You”, a collection representative of where he is in time and musical inclination. 

Soul entangled with synths, clever wordplay and sliced vocals, the soundscapes prove no challenge as The Squire laments lost love whilst exalting new romances with a suave, endearing demeanour. With his ability to cut right to the chase from his finger being bonded firmly to the pulse, Morena incorporates the nuanced world of township slang, infused with seminal R&B cool, to lift the hood on an aural aesthetic he’s formed a bond with over the last 6 months that he has spent piecing together “I Am You” . 

The other side of the coin features a futurist approach to anthemic rhythmic electronica in the mould of classics past and present, marching along grooves that will transform moods when played live — deliberate production choices made by the collective behind the music, KNGMKR. Every sound heard on the EP is a supporting act for the energy and grace with which Morena takes to stage. 

“I Am You” is a musical wanderlust half satisfied and represents a journey that begins with these songs, but looks set to exist on stages the world over well into the future in its most visceral form, The Squire himself! 

The EP dropped on the 6th of September, give it an ear here:

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