Moozlie drops Versus on Cosmopolitan Magazine

Just a day after announcing a first of its kind South African collaboration with Steve Madden Music, Moozlie has partnered with Cosmopolitan Magazine to drop her highly anticipated debut mixtape Versus for FREE.

Stream or download Moozlie’s Versus here:
The 11 track offering is made up of Moozlie’s emotional journey and features the likes of Victoria Kimani, Gemini Major and Yung Swiss.

“I’m so grateful to be where I am right now and I’m so excited to finally share Versus with you. I wrote and recorded these songs on my happiest, saddest, most exciting and even angriest days. Some high highs and very low lows. Thank you to Steve Madden Music for trusting me to pioneer your South African music collaborations and thank you to Cosmopolitan Magazine for helping me give out my mixtape for free,” expresses Moozlie.

Track List

1. Getting Cash (Syriee & Mordy)

2. Rockstar ft Yung Swiss (HopeMasta)

3. Trophy ft Victoria Kimani (Mr Kamera)

4. BumBum ft Gemini Major (Gemini Major)

5. Ride or Die ft Yung Swiss (Playground Productions)

6. Mixed Emotions (HopeMasta)

7. Break Up Song (Produced by VAM)

8. Look Who’s at The Top (Hope Masta)

9. Thini Sizwe (Hope Masta)

10. Relaxxx (Molly 1080)

11. Recipe (Whichi 1080)

Social media is already buzzing around Moozlie’s mixtape release making MoozlieVersus a trending topic in South Africa. Numerous fans have expressed their gratitude to receiving the highly anticipate project for FREE and many have started the conversation around why Moozlie’s Versus is not an album.

In response to releasing a mixtape and not an album Moozlie shares: “I needed to take things back to basics. I entered the music industry running before I even learnt how to crawl. I missed some crucial steps in developing myself as an artist and Versus allowed me to consciously develop as an artist and find my own voice and sound. Realising a mixtape before an album is almost like a rites of passage in Hip Hop that I wanted to go through; but I hope that everyone listening and reviewing Versus will hold it to the same regard as any album drop.”

Moozlie is known to go against the status quo and the releases of Versus will be something the South African music industry will be talking about for a long time to come. Moozlie has successfully fused a music and fashion collaboration which goes against the grain of a typical South African Hip Hop release. Moozlie’s bold and unapologetic persona has shown that when you think outside of the box, a lot of exciting collaborations and partnerships can take place which lead to beneficial relationships for all parties involved.

Make sure to get your hands on Moozlie’s Versus today and follow Moozlie on social media to get the scoop on details of her upcoming Versus launch.

Stream or download Moozlie’s Versus here:

To book the #MoozlieVersusTour contact Sbuda: / +27 72 256 3390

Connect with Moozlie:
Facebook: Nomuzi “Moo-Zlie!” Mabena
Twitter: @NoMoozlie
Instagram: @Moozlie

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