#MminoWaSetšo2020 Prides Itself Indigenous African Music And Dance

Mmino wa Setšo is the first of its kind documentary focusing solely on indigenous African music and dance. It encompasses all categories of indigenous African music and dance theory across the ethnic divide, the film is executive produced by Molepo Traditional Dance Cooperative and directed by Mahlaga Molepo and features practitioners, as well as Professor Madimabe Geoff  Mapaya of the University of Venda, Department of Music.

Mapaya’s academic articulation and knowledge on indigenous music and dance has a way of  drawing one towards the art form that nears extinction, while creating interest in African  musicology that has been excluded from tertiary institutions in South Africa and many parts of  the world for centuries. The professor is also a composer, who uses a combination of modern  technology and ancient traditional instruments, to produce distinguished, yet original sound that  preserves the ancient musical sound of the Northern Sotho/Bapedi people. He composed a special  soundtrack ‘Ya warang ke mang’ for this film, featuring ‘Dinaka’ music and dance  instructor/practitioner, Mashegoane Molepo, the song is due for release this summer. 

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Mmino wa Setšo premieres before heritage day celebrations on the 23rd September 2020 at The  Bioscope Independent Cinema on 44 Stanley, Milpark, Johannesburg. The show will be followed  by a series of screenings in different parts of South Africa, including at a planned drive-in cinema  in Limpopo and on virtual streaming platforms. The production of the documentary is funded by  the National Arts Council of South Africa and its distribution and marketing has been made  possible by the National Film and Video Foundation. 

Tickets are up for sale on https://www.webtickets.co.za/event.aspx?itemid=1503011533

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#MminoWaSetšo2020 #lovesafilm #mminowasetšo

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