Miss Patty Monroe Releases Music Video For Single ‘Perfect Timing’

Who knew that in the middle of a pandemic, she would find it be the perfect time to polish her star to shine brighter. AFRIMA Nominated, South African based performing artist, Miss Patty Monroe released her current single “Perfect Timing” at a time when people had the time to actually take time to listen and articulate what artists are actually saying in their music. With an AFRIMMA nomination in her accolades makes her one of the best rappers in the African continent; Perfect Timing was her way to express her growth in her artistry.

“Perfect Timing​” has Patty Monroe reflecting on her personal growth, appreciating the serendipity of life, acknowledging her worth and feeling empowered as she comes into her own; self-realised and ready for anything. Production by a collective called Progressyv gives the song a chilled but still upbeat vibe, with Patty not breaking a sweat as her flow keeps things cool throughout; she acknowledges the duality of life and appreciates both its highs and lows, allowing herself to celebrate or learn respectively as her joy is now self-sustained. It no longer matters who or what awaits her, whether good or bad, her future is filled with nothing but opportunities.

I cannot wait to share my creative growth with this release. I’ve evolved, matured and refined my character. I am incredibly humbled by my team that has helped me manifest my thoughts into a reality that is closer to my dreams than I ever imagined possible. – Patty Monroe

The incredible mind of Tracy-Lee Rosslind builds a realm of fantasy in the music video with an aesthetic of a Coloured, ​Disneyesque​, Princess. The video opens with Patty winding down after a gig, she lights a spliff, finds her peace and starts envisioning her personal utopia which quickly consumes her as her dreams literally become her reality and she is pulled into her music video. Tracy-Lee keeps the styling elegantly regal as Patty shines with diamonds sponsored by Cape Diamonds. Patty lavishes in her peace as she focuses on herself and let’s go of the external, supported by the choreography of Amy Rosslind – who has trained under the acclaimed Jamie King; choreographer, dancer and director for Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Cher, Prince, and Madonna – being performed by Olympian Chelsea Samuels and Romy Jo Swales who has toured internationally with ​The Lion King

Patty Monroe is an accomplished South African artist that has ignited crowds across the country and the continent. She has commanded stages at Rocking the Daisies, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival, Sneaker Exchange and various festivals in Kenya and Uganda. Her hit song, 2night, not only shot to number one locally but also tore through Apple Music charts in Germany and Austria earlier this year.

The music video for Perfect Timing is out, the sexy and exciting music video came out just on time to lead us to the release of her new single “Madam President” coming soon.

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