Miriam Makeba Featured On Ntantu’s Commemorative Single

The 13th year of Commemoration of the passing of Humanitarian and Musical Icon, Miriam Makeba takes place on November 9th, the date of her untimely passing in Italy in 2008. This year, in tribute to and memory of the legendary songstress and humanitarian, UK artist/producer, NTANTU, has dedicated a brand-new song titled ‘Far Away’ featuring Mama Africa. The Commemorative Day not only pays tribute to one of the world’s most iconic Africans but also her immense contribution as a humanitarian and Goodwill Ambassador.

“Specifically, that is to reach out to one another, and remember that the way she lived her life was a testament as to how we should all live our lives; by treating each other with respect and the love that resides so deep in all our hearts, and be kind to one another, as well as being kind to ourselves, and make this world a better place,” says the Miriam Makeba Foundation.

The Miriam Makeba Foundation annually acknowledges November 9 as “Miriam Makeba Commemorative Day”. Ms Makeba was Africa’s first Grammy Award winner and much-loved icon who performed to acclaim around the world while spreading her humanitarian message.

UK rapper and producer, Ntantu, has developed a signature sound based on Afropop, RnB, Dancehall and Rap and, on ‘Far Away’, the Miriam Makeba vocal sample is from a song titled “Baxabene Oxamu” originally titled “Oxgam”. The particular recording was from a Swedish televised interview in 1965 in which Miriam performed live and was written by another legendary South African artist, Letta Mbulu.


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