Michi Is Acoustic Elevation. Sonic Evolution. Visual Perfection.

Michi, now available in South Africa, through the Homemation distribution network, represents over 55 years of audio engineering experience and passion. It is based on an entirely new, no-compromise and revolutionary system architecture designed to provide huge, effortless, continuous reliable power with total accuracy, musicality and ultra-low noise.

The flagship range comprises these three high-end audio components, each of which offers outstanding audio performance plus the highest possible build quality and elegant, modern design:

P5 preamplifier

  • An extended complement of analogue and digital source inputs including balanced input and output
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Detail, accuracy and the highest musical fidelity while maintaining crucial rhythm and timing for all musical genres
  • Technology which enables quality playback of audio files and streams
  • Priced from R 80 000

S5 stereo amplifier and M8 monoblock amplifier

  • The S5 and M8 deliver 500 watts (stereo) and 1080 watts (mono) respectively
  • Both amplifiers include twin matched, over-sized, in-house manufactured transformers for exceptional bass energy while maintaining control and precision with the finest detail
  • Delivers continuous power for fast but smooth, accurate audio with great rhythm and timing, even under extreme loading conditions
  • Priced from R 140 000, for each amplifier

Bespoke components include in-house-manufactured, custom oversized transformers mounted in dedicated, epoxy-filled enclosures to guarantee minimal noise and vibration. In addition, patented British high-efficiency slit-foil bulk-storage capacitors support up to 32 high-current output transistors. The result is huge, clean power reserves, instantly delivered to even the most demanding of speakers to give a smooth, accurate music performance while maintaining crucial energy, rhythm and timing.

Homemation is a specialist supplier of premium branded audiovisual, home automation and home theatre products. The brands in their stable offer some of the most advanced and sought-after home automation, AV and sound technology in the world. Homemation has the exclusive distribution, in Africa, of global leading brands such as Control4, Definitive Technology, Denon, Heos, Klipsch, Monitor Audio, Polk Audio, Steinway Lyngdorf, Stewart Filmscreen, SVS, Lutron, Roksan and now Michi.

Call Homemation on 011-781 8887 for your nearest reseller, or visit www.homemation.co.za or www.control4.co.za ; Facebook and Instagram.


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