Manu Worldstar’s Debut Album, MOLIMO, Is Now Available For Pre-Add

African breakout artist, Manu WorldStar, comes full circle with the release of his debut album, MOLIMO, now available for pre-add with lead single, CHOKO.

MOLIMO comes off the back of a very successful release of Nalingi, which topped charts across the continent, went GOLD, and is still a regular feature on the Top 100 Radiomonitor Chart two years on. Manu WorldStar’s follow on singles, Future Plan and Rent, have also enjoyed great success on radio both featuring on the Top 100 Radiomonitor Chart and have paved the way alongside notable features to Manu WorldStar’s debut album release.

MOLIMO means “My Spirit” in my mother tongue, Lingala,” shares Manu WorldStar.

He adds: “I chose this name because I felt this body of work defines and reflects the deepest desires and thoughts that come not from my mind, but from my spirit.”

The project is an eclectic Modern African sound of East, West, Central and Southern African music and voices. A true mix of Popular Afro Beats,” shares Raphael Benza who Executively Produced and did the A&R for MOLIMO.  

You can now pre-add Manu WorldStar’s MOLIMO album here:

MOLIMO pre-add is released with a lead single titled, CHOKOCHOKO is a song about believing in what you want in life and going after it. Manu WorldStar wrote the song when he was in a hard place in life but when the song came to him, it gave him a revelation that he needs to keep striving to achieve his dreams and work hard for what he wants.

“I want CHOKO to feed everyone’s souls just like how it fed mine,” expresses the Johannesburg born, South African artist of Congolese decent, Manu WorldStar.

Connect with Manu WorldStar and @VthSeason on social media to follow the MOLIMO journey to the full 12 track album release on 4 September 2020. Make sure to request CHOKO from your favourite radio stations and pre-add Manu WorldStar’s MOLIMO album today:

Connect with Manu WorldStar:

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