Mam’ Yvonne And Amanda Black To Recreate Timeless Umqombothi Song

King Korn has partnered with Mam’ Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Afro-pop songstress,  Amanda Black to collab’ on the iconic South African Umqombothi song. The hit song was composed by the legendary Sello Chicco Twala and speaks to the pride of brewing African Beer. As a longstanding traditional sorghum homebrew brand that has been a part of South African’s cultural and traditional celebrations, King Korn saw this collaboration as an opportunity to build upon our heritage. The song will launch on the 19 of November. 

First performed by Yvonne Chaka-Chaka in 1988, The “Umqombothi” song has proved over the years to be a classic -– much like the actual process of brewing Umqombothi. King Korn wants to awaken an interest in the new generation with the knowledge of this practice that has been treasured for decades.  Their motto, “Ours to Share” speaks to the importance of inclusion of all generations and a legacy of sharing culture and traditions through the many generations. It is with this in mind, that this collaboration comes to life. King Korn honours the Umqombothi song recreation as an opportunity not just for an incredible collaboration but also as an opportunity to pass the ‘calabash’ of cultural heritage through music. 

“The collaboration between Mam Yvonne and Amanda Black couldn’t have made better sense in bringing the older generation and younger generation together to share in this beautiful cultural tradition of making and sharing Umqombothi,” says the King Korn Brand Team.

Both Mam Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Amanda Black have their respective generational following and for the first time, these two artists are bringing generations together. Their tradition, culture and African pride are embraced in their lyrics, traditional attires and stipples of Xhosa face paint. King Korn couldn’t think of a more powerful song and collaboration that reflects their brand brings people together, speaks to our heritage and celebrates what makes us truly and uniquely South African. It hopes to contribute to the spirit of celebration during the upcoming festive season. 

“Through this song, we hope to bridge the generational gap that currently exists between our older generation and younger generation and hope that brewing Umqombothi with King Korn will never be a thing of the past,” says the King Korn Brand Team.

King Korn has united generations in rich cultural history and heritage. From celebratory occasions like weddings, customary and traditional practices to an everyday staple with family. 

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