Majozi Releases Declaration Of Love Single ‘Falling,” Out Now

‘Falling’ is deep declaration of love and vulnerability disguised under the guise of a nostalgic pop song. The single was produced by two long-time collaborators, Aston Wylie and Ewald Jansen Van Rensburg, and features Indie-Pop singer Mikhaela Faye on backing vocals

‘Falling’ is inspired by his girlfriend’s journey with mental health. “I’ve released that mental health is a serious issue that’s not talked about nearly enough. Through it all I’ve realized the best thing I could do is just be there for her. There’s been many times when I felt useless because no matter what I did I couldn’t make it better, I couldn’t be a hero and solve anything, but ultimately I learnt that it wasn’t about me and all I needed to do was just be there and listen, no matter what.”

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Falling is out now ❤️ . Release day is always a big occasion, but this one is super special to me, because it’s the first song I’ve released for the love of my life. Mi Cielito, mi amor (Spanish for “my little piece of heaven, my love”) 👨🏾👩🏻 . I honestly feel so blessed and honored to have such a highly intelligent, beautiful, creative and resourceful person by my side helping me grow into the fullness of life everyday. I love her with every fibre in me, all the Majerzeys created and all those still to come. . She has had to live through depression and anxiety amongst other mental health disorders and it’s honestly been so tough. On her. On me. On community. So much of life is effected, in a literal, non metaphorical way. But, even though we experience different storms and intensities of them, we will continue to weather them together and try find joy (it’s ok if it’s difficult to, it won’t be that way forever) in the little things ❤️ Like appreciating a clean pair of matching socks, which is hard to come by when the washing machine eats one 😅 . This song is all about how even if I can’t do anything else to relieve the pain and uncertainty, the one thing I know I can do is always be there for her, and that’s my intention from now until eternity. To consistently always show up 🤗 . I want to thank you for being there on this journey of releasing Falling, you can now stream and download it on all your favourite platforms 🎶 . Please check up on your loved ones. Mental health is real. . Comment below who you’ll be there for when their sky is falling and their days turn into endless nights ⭐️ . Let’s be there for each other ❤️

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