[LISTEN] Reflections On Jazz Appreciation Month With Playlist

I find myself reflecting over the past two years about how the pandemic has drastically affected our lives, we have lost loved ones, changed how we interact with people – we are more homebodies than ever before and do not get me started with a phenomenon called reverse bedtime procrastination but that is a topic for another time :-). The list is endless of how the pandemic has affected us individually but one thing that has always remained consistent is how music and jazz music specifically helped me manage the stress and anxiety that came with the pandemic (I will not mention my gaming addiction for now lol).

We should all know by now that April is and felt it was befitting that I create a playlist that could best articulate the outcome of my reflections, a mirror to my thoughts. This playlist first gives thanks to God for the good health and the blessing of life then transitions to songs that evoke emotions of joy, sadness, seeking a sense of direction, and strength to overcome turbulent times – these are all emotions that one or more people experienced during the pandemic. 

With all things challenging, one does overcome and break into the newness where we strive to return to a certain level of normality, where we can only go from strength to strength! Relax and enjoy the journey on the playlist and allow yourself to feel every emotion that might be invoked by the song selection.

Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash

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