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I’ve worked on this playlist compilation for the purpose of aligning di chakra in a language I understand most – music. It’s basically a mixture of genres from R&B, jazz, rock, amapiano, hip hop and more – so expect everything and anything… the genres also compliment each other so nicely. The curated combination of beats, sounds and (some) lyrics here activate senses aligned with the specific Chakra it’s under. Light your incense, tune in, dance like nobody’s watching and let this playlist compilation take you on a journey – grab your aligning crystals as well.

CROWN CHAKRA “to know”

This selection is affirming of our royalty and basically saying “don’t downplay who you are and your history”. The birth of my virtual hair parade #BlackHairIsRoyalty and what it stands for is exactly what this playlist is about. I hope you get affirmed, black child! I use the Clear Quartz for this selection.

While you are here make sure you put the series Amend: The Fight For America on your Netflix watchlist.

THIRD’i CHAKRA “to perceive”

6th chakra third eye - Chakra Chart Meanings

This selection is full of songs that will raise the hairs on the back of your head and take you to a cosmic place. The place you get to when you know and understand who you are you are able to filter out a lot of bullshit in the world. Be careful you might just go into a trance with some of the songs – there’s a lot of drumming, chanting and hard bass 😋 yum! I use the Lapis Lazuli for this selection.

Here, Netflix’s John Was Trying To Contact Aliens is a must-watch.

THROAT CHAKRA “to speak”

5th chakra throat - Chakra Chart Meanings

I apologize to the gents but I needed to speak to the ladies here. This selection is about speaking out on the things (some) men to do to women. This is a combination of what I myself have gone through and the women in my circles. I hope it evokes a fighting spirit ✊🏾 (in a loving way) against being silent and encourages you to set yourself free by addressing issues that don’t sit well with your soul… as I raise up my friend David’s famous poem “Men Will Embarrass You” 😒. Stay, woke. Stay focused. Stay VOCAL. I use the Apatite for this selection.

I’d recommend Biggie’s Netflix documentary I Got A Story To Tell here. What a vocal guy musically – a true lyrical genius!!!

HEART CHAKRA “to love”

This selection is everything love and matters of the heart vibes. Starting with Kendrick’s Opposites Attract is so deep… very honest conversations that actually need to be had. That poem at the end yohhh 🥺 from there, the selection continues the acknowledgement of hurting love, to healing love, self-love, infatuation, and finally the love we want and deserve, that eternal twin flame love. I use the Rose Quartz (my ultimate fighter for everything) for this selection.

I don’t do romantic movies anymore lol no recommendations here – sorry. Maybe Malcolm & Marie ai but I still haven’t finished the second half of it.


3rd chakra solarplexus - Chakra Chart Meanings

This selection is just happiness vibes on overload shame. A list of true wholesome, feel-good tunes. Channel your inner child, smile to your core, dance, sing out loud and enjoy spreading lots of happiness around your space! Bathong, get creative ebile. I use the yellow Tiger’s Eye for this selection.

I can’t choose between Netflix doccie Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski and the movie Ruben Brandt, Collector but watch both.


😏😏😏 the home of emotional & sexual fluidity, relaxation and pleasure. Ahmean it’s obvious what has landed in selection lol mara here the beat & sound arrangement is the hero of the show. Don’t go making babies unintentionally please – the frequency here is dangerous. Speak to your betraying body parts guys and calm them down 😅. I use the Carnelian for this selection. Love the combo of the Moonstone and Rose Quartz as well for that extra zing.

I’m in between Netflix’s 365 Days, Sex Explained, Big Mouth and Sex Education here. You choose what to watch.

ROOT CHAKRA “to have”

1st chakra root - Chakra Chart Meanings

This is where this playlist idea got actioned after I saw a tweet saying booty-shaking helps activate this chakra point. I immediately thought twerking session 😅 Look, I’m here for any excuse to put on ratchet music okay! This selection is also very explicit eish but ya please keep away from under 🔞 if you can lol. I use the Black Tourmaline for this selection.

Netflix’s Strip Down, Rise Up is so fitting here.

Root Chakra Affirmations

I hope you enjoy these playlists (uhh you have to download Apple Music to listen also – askisi) and please feedback on your experience. It’s my first time exploring my music like this so feedback is golden right now. Feel free to send some suggestions as well 👑🌻💓

Photo by mymind on Unsplash

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