[LISTEN] Le’Afrinique Squad Curates Jazz Playlist On Apple Music

In light of the world’s current climate with the Covid-19 pandemic, music is the one thing that is constant. Our content contributor, DJ and avid jazz listener, Khumo Pooe, has curated a playlist sharing his love for the art of jazz. “I believe we should find comfort with one element (in my opinion) that brings us healing and a sense of positivity to help overcome these turbulent times – and that element is the soothing sounds of jazz”, he says.

“Cape Town was selected as the host city for this year’s annual International Jazz Day event, however, due to this worldwide pandemic, I’m sad to write that the event was cancelled. The intention of the event was to showcase South Africa’s jazz history and unique heritage. To show my appreciation of the art of jazz, I have dedicated a mix to not only showcase South African sounds but sounds across that globe that draws inspiration from this beautiful continent of ours – Africa”.


The month of April is Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM), so we hope you stream the playlist throughout!

Featured image by Frame Harirak on Unsplash

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