[LISTEN] Coco Brown Drops City Girls Series Vol4 & It’s A Vibe

Today, Hip Hop DJ Coco Brown dropped the fourth mix out of her City Girls Series and mahn what a way to start the weekend! “Vol4 is inspired heavily by the club scene before the trap era. I’ve visited some of our favourite songs, from the late SA rap god PRO, to legendary South African hip hop group Jozi, to T-Pain, and some recent hip hop jams. This is to remind people what turn up is about, the seasoned people will definitely enjoy this” says Coco Brown.

Check out Coco Brown’s vibey mix here:

When asked about City Girls Series is about, Coco Brown explained that “the City Girls Series is a compilation of mixes I created initially during hard lockdown to keep myself motivated and somewhat busy when we were stuck at home and unable to work. I felt I had to get creative, especially for my mental health, to feel like I was still connected to my craft and to the world at large somehow. I also wanted to create a space that people could enjoy music that girls like, though it’s not mainly for women. I then went on to wanting to experiment with different sounds within the hip hop space, you’ll hear how different each mix has been since I started the series. I don’t think a lot of women in the DJing space have created memorable compilations like these, I thought I should go ahead and challenge myself”.

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