#LeAfrinique, New Look & Site!

Welcome to our new site!

We’re an online platform with a heart for Arts, Entertainment and Urban Culture. We live for story telling, co-creation and believe in collaboration to best tell your stories.

We cover a range of cool & urban topics, which include but are not limited to:

•    Digital – cool tech & social media innovations
•    Culture – music, film, food & photography
•    Design – art, fashion, graphic & interior
•    Events – exhibitions, launches, entertainment & parties
•    Heart – social changers profiles & innovation stories

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You can visit the blog on leafrinique.co.za or just say “hi” at hello@leafrinique.co.za . Also visit leafrinique.co.za/contact/ and meet the team!

Digital | Culture | Design | Events | Heart 
Let US tell your story!

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