#LAChats With TxC About Music, Collaborating & Fashion

Tarryn Reid and Clairise Hefke, aka TxC (pronounced tee-ex-cee), are South Africa’s hottest female DJ duo. With their unique mixes, energetic live sets, and chic fashion sense, the pair is making global waves and are among the most recognizable faces of the Amapiano culture. They astound audiences as they firmly establish themselves as global ambassadors of South African music. The dynamic duo and Amapiano artists, who released the genre-shifting project “A Fierce Piano” in 2022, are set to release a brand new single early this year.

“VUKA MAWULELE” is TxC’s first release of of the year and they remind fans to “wake up and work hard to secure your future”. As successful women in music, it was only natural for them to speak about something they all believe in working hard to live the life of your dreams. As a result, an anthem has been created that will motivate and inspire the listener to get up in the morning and work towards their goals. The chemistry between the ladies (Tarryn Reid, Clairise Hefke, and Khanyisa Jaceni) was electric during the song’s recording.

We caught up with the duo to chat about music, fashion and working with TikTok sensation Khanyisa Jaceni.

Congratulations on the new release! Tell us a bit about why you choose to work with Khanyisa on the song Vuka Mawulele?

TxC: “We were drawn to Khanyisa because of her comedic skits across her social media platforms and her angelic voice when she crossed over in to music,” says Clairise. “Her energy is electrifying and we felt it matched ours perfectly as three strong females of colour earning our place in the arts space,” Tarryn adds.

What does this particular release mean for you?

TxC: “Vuka Mawulele is special to us mainly because of the meaning of the song, initially when the beat was laid we knew we needed something to round it all off. Khanyisa gave it a listen and she immediately said “vuka mawulele” which translate to ‘wake up’ , ‘get up’ , and is essentially what we’re doing in our respective careers,” Clairise adds.

How involved were you in the making of the song?

TxC: “We were involved with the entire process of making the song and with choosing the theme and every little detail from the beginning of the song and getting it out,” Clairse says. “This is actually our second release, we executive produced our first EP ‘A Fierce Piano’ which was released last year and did pretty well. So its been a couple of months since our first drop,” Tarryn adds.

You’re always stylish in your sets, how is image important to you?

TxC: “Image for us personally is extremely important because you need to look good to feel good and if you’re feeling good you can give the crowd your best and they’ll match your energy which we think it’s a vital part of our performances.”

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