#LAChats With Muzi On The Making And Release Of New EP MAMA

Producer and musician Muzi recently released his latest project titled “MAMA” on the 2nd of October. The anticipation of this EP seemed like a long wait however patience became a virtue quickly once we listened to the teasers “Don’t Let Me Go“, “The Calling” and listened to the full body of work during his listening session the night before the release date.

MAMA is a mash-up of afrofuturistic sounds with each track on its own wavelength telling its unique personal story. From previous tracks “Sebenza” and “Stimela SeGolide”, one gets to understand how highly he puts his mother, and “Don’t Let Me Go” is one of those beautiful sad songs where he expresses his loss (our deepest condolences to the family). “The Calling” is a lot more spiritual track infusing traditional music elements we’ve seen him explore a lot from Muzi Mondays and in the most recent collaboration track “KoMama” with the legendary musician Madala Kunene for Castle Milk Stout.

We caught up with Muzi virtually to find out a little more on the EP.

If you had to introduce Muzi to someone who didn’t know him [you] with one of your songs, which song would it be and why?

Muzi: Emsamu, because it’s unlike anything they’ve heard.

The EP you’ve been hinting is officially out. How are you feeling about this particular drop, as you’ve mentioned that this is one of your most personal projects yet?

Muzi: I’m relieved that I actually dropped it. I’m grateful I got the courage to do so. Glad I got to be in touch with my feelings that deeply and not run away from my pain and through that, I have started to heal.

Getting into the project, the EP starts with “Don’t Let Me Go”. Tell us more about it?

Muzi: “Don’t Let Me Go”, opens the EP having a vibrant 80s SA disco instrumental with some sad lyrics. I love juxtaposing vibey/happy beats with melancholy. Makes it beautiful for me. 

You only have one feature on this EP and it’s with Tiro on “I Miss You”. Was it intentional not to bring in more artist features? 

Muzi: Yes, because it’s such a personal project. It had to be mostly me. Even with what Tiro sang, I wrote that.

You mentioned during your listening session that you wrote “Believe” at a time when you were not feeling inspired and confident about making music – what helped you “get out” from that space and pushed you to work?

Muzi: I guess it was the realization that I had to continue living and go through it. What my mom was for me, I have to be for my daughter.

For you, “The Calling” is more spiritual than any other track, paint a picture of the process of creating this song?

Muzi: Long late night of me overthinking lead to that song. Had to be a vessel of light in order to properly let go. Made the instrumental first then started freestyling the lyrics, singing every melody that came through, trying to find a few lines that would properly explain how I felt without overdoing it or elaborating too much. 

Heritage. What makes honoring your culture an important part of your work as an artist? We’re talking specifically about the collaboration between you, Baba Madala Kunene, and Castle Milk Stout.

Muzi: I am my culture, so it’s not something I’m separate from and only tap into when I create. It’s always there. I am not separate from it. So it’s very important because it is me.

Makhoza is…


What can we look forward to next with MAMA EP or any interesting projects?

I dropped a music video for “MaKhoza”, the same time when the EP dropped. Just finished editing my next music video of the project so can’t wait to drop that. Started working on my next album also.

It’s quite evident that this EP is a 10 and we can only hope you will enjoy it as much as we did… if you haven’t already. You can stream/download it here!

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