#LAChats With K.pRO On His Music Journey And Latest Single Yellow Card

Youth month has always meant reflecting on what the older generation fought for and sort of gauging the process. For our special #LAChats feature we introduce young producer/content creator/musician K.pRO. Here’s how this convo went down:

1. Tell us more about who K.pRO is. How did your love for music start and how has the journey been for you? K.PRO is a young innovative Hip-hop Artist. I started music when I was 12 years old as a DJ. I was also writing short stories and poems at that time. I felt that I needed something more transparent to release my emotions and create a difference worldwide which is why I did music. The journey has been joyful and prosperous with minor hiccups and learning curves.

2. You are a producer, content creator, and a musician. How are you managing all those titles? Being a producer and being a musician goes hand in hand – it’s something I love to do on a daily basis and so I prioritize them both. Content Creation is an occasional job I do in my spare time.

3. You dropped “Yellow Card” about a month ago. Tell us more about it, what it’s about, and the inspiration behind this single? Yellow Card was done in a short space of time. The story behind yellow card was to tell everyone that your biggest enemy is someone you know, not a stranger and the concept of #Yellowcard made sense at the time. The song was also an inspiration drew from Ruff_atm. It is also part of my upcoming project and it will receive clean visuals in the 3rd quarter of the year.

4. If you could work on a remix for “Yellow Card” with anyone in the industry, who would it be? The remix would definitely have Emtee.

5. Any more music or special projects can we expect from you this year? I am releasing my debut Mixtape in October titled “A Dream Come True”. From then onwards, you can expect singles from that project and a few music videos.

You can check out Yellow Card on SoundCloud:

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