#LAChats With Adekunle Gold On Catch Me If You Can

Adekunle Gold is a Nigerian born and bred singer-songwriter based between Lagos, Nigeria, and Los Angeles, CA. He gained recognition from his very first release, “Sade,” a love song which sampled instrumentals from One Direction’s “Story of My Life.” Just two weeks after the release of “Sade” on December 19, 2014, Adekunle was contacted by one of Africa’s biggest acts, Olamide, to join his music imprint for two years, YBNL. Since then, Adekunle has released 3 albums: Gold (debuting at #7 on the Billboard World Albums Chart), about 30 (shortlisted for the GRAMMY® Best World Album), and AfroPop Vol 1 with the global hit record “Okay” and “Something Different.”

He has amassed 7.6M followers on Instagram, 2.3M followers on Twitter, and 540k followers on Youtube.

We caught up with Adekunle about Catch Me If You Can, check out the Q&A here:

You’ve said before that each previous album speaks to a different style in your career and musical journey. What would you say this album represents?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: I think of my whole discography as an adventure game. It gets really interesting at every level. This new album is Level 4 of the game. It’s crazy, it’s mind-blowing and my understanding of life, what really matters and who I am is slowly unravelling.

What was your favorite song to record and why?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: “More Than Enough”, I had a glass of liquor the night I wrote the song, I wasn’t in my head as usual lol. I was in a really great mood that night and I danced while recording every line of the song.

Which song or songs do you feel speak most to your mindset for this album?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: “Catch Me If You Can ”, “Born Again ” and “It Is What It Is ‘ – these songs symbolize the space I am in my life, a place of freedom, clarity and complete confidence in the person I am becoming. I think it is important as we grow in life to free ourselves from the shackles of expectations and truly throw ourselves into the unknown.

What was it like to record an album during the COVID-19 pandemic?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: I loved it. I had so much time for myself to get creative. No time for petty distractions whatsoever, it gave me time to connect with my family, and my closest friends and really think about the message I wanted to share with the world.

What do you hope this album achieves?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: I hope it solidifies in people’s minds the genius that is AG Baby, honestly. To those that are still sleeping on me, it’s time to wake up or the train will pass you by, lol. But for real, I just want my fans to feel good and have another classic to get them through different times. I want them to experience all there is at level 4 of this adventure.

Tell us about the featured artists on the songs – how did these collaborations come about?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: Big up Lucky Daye, Ty Dolla $ign, Stefflon Don, Foushee, Davido, and Fatoumata Diawara for the support. I wrote these songs and thought about the rockstars that can add to them and make the music even more beautiful. I reached out to all of them and they honoured me. I feel blessed and grateful to collaborate with such incredible artists and I believe they helped make this project timeless.

What was the difference in recording between the US and Africa?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: Nothing’s changed. The grind stays the same. However, I have been able to get in rooms with amazing producers and songwriters in the US and they help me open my ears to new riddims. It’s all part of the evolution and I’m loving every step.

What was your decision behind signing to a distributor like Platoon?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: We hadn’t even put pen to paper and these people were already showing out. They just get it. They are out to see me succeed, real big. I’m thankful for each and every team member burning the night candles to see me win.

How would you describe your sound/music at this time?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: The sound of a happy man lol.

What’s next for you?

ADEKUNLE GOLD: I don’t know. I’ll let life happen. I’ll grow. See you at Level 5.

If you haven’t listened to Catch Me If You Can yet, make sure you do! Catch Me If You Can is available to stream here.

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