Krispy Kreme Gives The Gift Of Kourage This Holiday Season

For the past 2 years Krispy Kreme and Reach for a Dream have joined forces to make 39 dreams come true. These are the dreams of children fighting serious illnesses like cancer, renal failure and blood disorders. Each special dream was granted in a Krispy Kreme store, where magic moments happen every single day. The partnership comes as no surprise as both brands share the same beliefs and values. 

Reach for a Dream work tirelessly each year to make dreams come true for these children fighting illnesses. Each child’s dream is unique and magical. Some children dream of a shopping spree, others to visit Ushaka World in Durban, each dream special to these children in their own way. 

As the year comes to a close Krispy Kreme would like to give the public the opportunity to make some more dreams come true, as they launch the Kourage Doughnut, available in all on-premise stores from the 2nd of December to the 1st of January 2020. A portion of these proceeds will be donated to Reach For A Dream in order for additional dreams to be fulfilled. 

Each child has a tremendous amount of courage and strength as they fight their illness. Krispy Kreme would like to celebrate and recognize the courage these children have by asking the public to come down and purchase a Kourage Doughnut (or dozen) at their nearest Krispy Kreme store. 

Let’s bring magic, hope and more courage to these little dreamers this holiday season. To read more about our Krispy Dreamers head on over to and learn more about the dreams we granted this year.

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