Kiki X Chucky Breaks Down His Brand & New Single ‘The Price Went Up’

Kiki X Chucky born in Johannesburg, Gauteng, up-and-coming Hip Hop/Trap/Trap Soul/Modern-day rock artist and the ONLY Hardest Rager in the Country representing the South and North of Johannesburg, a true pioneer and mastermind lyricist. As far back as 2012, Kiki X Chucky has always had a deep love and passion for expressing himself through music. His own modern style of sound has always been and still is what inspires him and motivates you. “… Right now at this point in life, I am my own vehicle of motivation and inspiration”

His drive has and the journey is guided by his 444 methodology which has a number of meanings and interpretations. “It is a number and symbol of protection and encouragement against all negative and evil energies surrounding us; a sign that you are currently following the right path. If you see the number 444 repeatedly, it is often your angels giving you a sign that they are with you.

Kiki X Chucky’s 2021 NEW single release titled The Price Went Up is set to reach greater heights and surpass all his previous releases to date, his fans – which he calls his 444 KULT (Love Stab Stab Stab) Gang has received the song with lots of love. The single covers the emotional struggles he has gone through and losing touch with his fans as a result of this.

With the music video set to release sooner than expected, Kiki X Chucky has mentioned that this is one of the projects he has enjoyed working on and he believes that the reception for the video is going to be even more of a banger than the audio version. “We’ve spent days and days on end making sure that when the music video comes out, Kiki X Chucky will be on everyone’s mouth, 444 everywhere. Follow me to greatness!”.

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