Kiddo CSA & Blaqbonez Are Too Blessed In New Collabo Single

After announcing the release of his upcoming EP So Far, So Greatearlier this month, Kiddo CSA drops lead single ‘Blessed’ featuring Nigerian rapper Blaqbonez. Produced by King Jillz, the song embraces freedom and self-expression. In a world gripped by hustle culture, ‘Blessed’ strikes a balance between ambition and ease. 

‘Blessed’ is a song about positivity and hope, which are important touch points for Kiddo CSA in his music.  The young rapper was in his state of flow when recording the tune. He recalls: In the studio, there weren’t a lot of people, as usual, I’m usually with the gang when creating songs, so I had to tap into a different frequency to deliver my thoughts into this amazing production done by Jillz. I sat and felt the energy around me and realized how blessed I am to be in the position I am, how I shouldn’t let overthinking play its part but understand that I’m destined for greatness.

King Jillz applies pressure with a Western Africa tropical bounce to the tune over which both Kiddo CSA and Blaqbonez thrive. The Nigerian rapper’s contribution not only connects Kiddo’s hook to verse but bridges the gap between South African rap with the vibrant West African music scene, an avenue that is uppermost in Kiddo CSA’s cognizance. 

A self-proclaimed internet sensation, Kiddo CSA, who started off freestyling for friends and later on social media during the pandemic, shows listeners his journey as a musician looking to contribute to the Hip-Hop landscape while being innovative and driving change. ‘Blessed’ sets the tone for So Far, So Great which delves deep into Kiddo’s personal experiences and how they have impacted him. In the EP he considers romantic relationships while still meditating on his identity as a young black African. Although his lyricism has often appealed to Hip-Hop heads, the world he chooses to design with his music overall connects all music lovers. 

As he discovers the rhythm of this moment and time Kiddo becomes the voice of young people who are forging their individual paths while being aware of the space they hold in their communities and their wider human connections. Having stepped into the industry right after matriculating, his path feels quaint but is not without its merits. Being young, black and blessed becomes even more of a reality for the rapper each time he sings this phrase on the hook, a cathartic undoing of fears and doubts within him. 

Kiddo CSA enjoys experimenting with musicians and soundscapes that take rap into the general musical sphere positioning rap as music that can, in many ways, connect with people across cultures. As such, the star has an upcoming acoustic version of ‘Blessed’ featuring a string quartet. 

Blessed is out now:

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