KFC Partners With Artist Loyiso Mkize Ahead Of Comic Con Africa 2019

KFC South Africa has partnered with Loyiso Mkize, a renowned comic illustrator and the first South African to depict Colonel Sanders like no one has seen him before for Comic Con Africa 2019 – the Colonel is a superhero named Captain Colonel.

“Superhero comic books stories have taken the world by storm. They’ve increasingly become an awesome way of telling our uniquely South African stories and ideas. We’ve had, through the medium, found a way of reimagining ourselves in our diversity. So our superhero Colonel Sanders is a way we celebrate this awesome genre of Comics in our own back yard with our own visual style in what I see as a super collaboration!”, says Mkize.

This year, Comic Con Africa promises to be bigger and better – with KFC coming on board as the festivals official wingman. Comic Con Africa is a 4-day event showcasing comic books and science fiction/fantasy related film, television, and similar popular arts.

Comic Con attracts the most avid gaming fans while showcasing comic books and science fiction/fantasy related film, television, and similar popular arts to a wide community – this is a passionate group of people, they are as loyal as KFC’s die hard and most loyal fans.

There is a natural fit for Food Delivery and the gaming occasion, and both are rapidly growing in South Africa. Gamers are big fans of our delivery service and this felt like a natural fit and fantastic opportunity for everyone involved.


About Loyiso

Before devoting himself to his own company and fine art full time, Loyiso worked as head illustrator of the popular soccer comic book Supa Strikas Srika entertainment, a character based entertainment company whose clients include, KFC, ADT, African Bank, Nation Roads Agency, Caltex, Anglo American, Umbra to name a few.

In late 2013 however, Loyiso registered his visual arts, Loyiso Mkize Art (Pty) Ltd company which he aimed to create proudly South African entertainment products and communications solutions. A few months later, in 2014, Loyiso developed and published the first South African superhero comic book series, KWEZI, which is now the company’s flagship product.

The comic book quickly rose to popularity with new episodes being published in steady succession. The obvious remedy to meet with the demand as well as extend availability nationwide would be to partner with David Phillip publishers. From June 2016 KWEZI then went on to be published at all Exclusive Books stores and Bargain Books stores nationwide. The partnership has published two KWEZI collector’s editions thus far enjoying regularly enjoying best-seller status in some prominent stores.

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