Kekelingo Drops New Single ‘Akekho’ Inspired By His Daughter

Vth Season’s Kekelingo (of The Muffinz fame) has just dropped a new single, Akekho, inspired by his daughter and produced by Nhlonipho and Raphael Benza. A ground-breaking and progressive move for Kekelingo as he sings on an Amapiano beat. He shares: “I never thought I’d sing on an Amapiano beat. I am proud of myself for singing in a genre/style that I am not familiar with, and I believe I did justice to the culture of Amapiano.” Kekelingo adds: “I call it Amapiano according to kekelingomusic. I really had to dig deep in my musical well and I was fulfilled with song.”

Akekho, meaning “none like you”, is a love letter from a father to their daughter. An expression of love in a song that Kekelingo describes as being inspired by his daughter. Aptly released in Africa month, Akekho contains Kekelingo’s signature dialects that are inspired by sounds and rhythms of this beautiful continent.

Stream or download Kekelingo’s Akekho here:

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