Justsunday’s 3rd Magazine Launch | 30 July 2017

On Sunday the 30th of July 2017 Justsunday Magazine will be launching the third issue of their highly anticipated magazine at Open, Maboneng in collaboration with Night In The Garden. The launch will be a carefully curated social exhibition bringing the up and coming issue to life within the space and giving guests an unforgettable visual experience of what they can expect in the next issue.

Justsunday magazine has built their reputation on being known as a magazine that uncovers and carefully documents the narratives of creative artists who are revolutionizing our South African creative industry. Therefore, their third issue is nothing short of captivating as they’ve featured artists such as Manthe Ribane and Anthony Bila who will also be featured at the exhibition. Together, these respected and loved creatives will work together in one space to create an experiential exhibition that will bring their interpretation of the magazines controversial theme to reality.

With the launch of their 3rd issue they’ve stayed true to who they are by keeping to their original blue print of producing thought provoking content that brings their readers imagination to life. The third issue is no different as the magazines theme is centred on Kults. A concept which in itself is already controversial and has divergent definitions which has been an ongoing source of contention among scholars across several fields of study. This particular issue seeks to spark a conversation around the many accents and characteristics that South Africa has. Are they Kults or just common practice? The third issue allowed the creative contributors to play with the thought of Kult and were encouraged to re-interpret it, fold it stretch it, turn it upside down, break it and put it back together.

With Night In The Garden collaborating with them for the launch of their third issue the exhibition will help bring like-minded individuals into one space and emerge them within a social exhibition that not only interprets the controversial theme of Kults but also celebrates and encourages growth within our exciting creative industry. The collaboration came naturally as both NITG and Just Sunday share the common goal of wanting to see the industry and those who are a part of it develop.

For more information about Justsunday you can visit their website on www.justsunday.co.za

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