Just Jabba’s Preparing For “Not 2 Bad 4 A PANTSULA” Release

The much-anticipated drop of Just Jabba’s recent offering “Not 2 Bad 4 A PANTSULA” is drawing closer as the scheduled drop is on the 4th of October 2019. The tape which features beats from Zarro and Canvus Port accompanied by vocals from Kgale, Teego and Thapelo Esau is bound to be sensational. 

On first listen, the tape leans more towards traditional hip-hop sounds laced with his now signature flair for kasi cool. The slow intro ‘Hello’ eases you into the tape and it transitions into a trap-inspired song in ‘Trap Kwaito’. ‘Pitch Black Polo’ has an easy paced vibe – most certainly the style of hip hop enjoyed from behind the wheel. Starting off dreamy and nonchalant. 

His unmistakeable kwaito influence shines through in the last half of the tape with feel good song ‘POPA’, a bouncy and melodic public service announcement in ‘O.T.W’ and ‘Guluva’ with its eerie and rough yet smooth beat accompanied by the effortless rap by both Jabba and Mx Blouse. 

‘Not 2 Bad 4 A PANTSULA’ is a sensory experience and Just Jabba produces what kwaito is, should be and could be to him. Being at the forefront of the post-modern kwaito revival, Jabba has made a statement with his Bougie Pantsula/isCheese Lokishi approach to it, not only as a genre but as a cultural movement. With his insatiable desire to unlock a unique South African sound for himself, Jabba is also able to draw on nostalgia to pay homage and pull at heart-strings simultaneously. 

Just Jabba is definitely one to keep an eye on look-out for. 

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