J’Something Gets Creative With Coffee

Every cup of coffee is an occasion for a celebration. No matter how you like it, a single sip of your favourite brew is contentment in a cup. Your coffee moment is centred around making the most of something you love. It is this spirit of celebration and passion for perfect coffee that has inspired Nespresso to create a range of the world’s finest coffee crafts, inspired by the hardworking and innovative craftsmen who have pushed the boundaries to create exceptional coffee. And who better to create crafty recipes centred around these coffees than master craftsman himself, J’Something?

As a long-time friend of the Nespresso brand, J’Something is the perfect connoisseur to bring these new coffees to life. By experimenting with each unique flavour profile of the new Nespresso Master Origin coffees, J’Something has created something special to pay homage to the craft, commitment and care that goes into the development of each of these coffees, from bean to cup. His goal was to capture the mood behind each of these coffees, thereby crafting a selection of beverages fit for any occasion. For him, celebrating these Master Origins and their processes meant showcasing the versatility of coffee – by reimagining how coffee can and should be enjoyed, and he has successfully transformed your average coffee moment into something magical.

Go on, treat yourself to one of the below and find out what J’Something had to say when making each of these recipes. You are sure to find your own favourite Master Origin.

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unnamed (1) 2

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unnamed (4) 5

Each of the Master Origin coffees will be a permanent addition to the Nespresso coffee range. These coffees are available now from Nespresso Boutiques and Booths worldwide, as well as through orders from the Nespresso Club on 0800 637773 or online at www.buynespresso.com.

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