JID “Bruuuh” feat Denzel Curry (Remix) Focus Track Out Now

JID taps Denzel Curry to add a killer verse to the Dreamville rapper’s track, “Bruuuh.” The original song was released at the top of 2017, weeks before JID’s signing to Dreamville was announced. On the hard-hitting Willie B-produced song, JID speaks about being underrated and unappreciated while desperately seeking success and a better life in order to put his loved ones in a better situation. Denzel hops on the song to solidify his position in the rap world while flying through his verse with slick punchlines and an overall impressive display of his rap talents. (UPROXX)

In addition to “Bruuuh” (Remix), J.I.D has also made his other tracks “Cludder” and “Ballads” with Conway the Machine available for streaming. J.I.D’s last full-length solo release was 2018’s DiCaprio 2, the follow-up to 2017’s The Never Story. Additionally, he’s also featured on the compilation album Revenge of the Dreams III—which earned him two Grammy nominations—and his collective Spillage Village released 2020’s Spilligion. J.I.D has also recently hinted at releasing his next project. (COMPLEX)

J.I.D Highlights

All 3 tracks “Bruuuh,” “Ballads” & “Cludder” we added to Australian Spotify Playlists “Beats n’ Bars” (316K Followers) & “The Drip” (52K Followers)  

“Bruuuh” was also added to new Australian Rap Playlist “the hybrid” (11K Followers), International Spotify Playlists “Hip Hop Crew” Brazil (499K Followers),

U.S Spotify Playlist Additions

“Bruuuh” added to “Hip Hop Controller” (1.4M Followers,) “Pollen” (1.3M Followers) & “Spilled Ink” [along with “Ballads”](458K Followers) “Cludder” & “Ballads” both added to “Mind Right” (1M Followers)

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