Jeremy Loops Launches The Big Food Drive To Serve 50 000 Meals

On Sunday 26 April; singer, songwriter Jeremy Loops launched The Big Food Drive with astonishing support to feed South African communities during COVID-19 outbreak. In response to the current global pandemic affecting poverty-stricken South Africans living below the breadline, The Big Food Drive by Jeremy Loops is a feeding drive aimed at serving 50,000 meals during lockdown.

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Help us serve 10,000 meals to impoverished South Africans now living well below the breadline due to coronavirus-related lockdown. At just 50c a meal, €5000 will feed 10,000 people. South Africa has one of the highest levels of inequality in the world with more than half of its population living in poverty. For all the good coronavirus-related lockdown does in stopping the spread of the disease it is pushing the millions already on the breadline into desperation. Families are starving. Government initiatives to feed the needy aren't scaling fast enough, leaving millions unsure where or even how to get their next meal . Thankfully community organisations and caring citizens are coming together to do something about this and help our vulnerable neighbours. The Big Food Drive exists to aid these organisations, and pump resources into their efforts. This will start with 10,000 meals. We need your support All it takes is R10,000 to fund a truckload of food that will provide 1,000 meals. That’s €500 (or $550) to feed 1,000 people, or 50c per meal. Our starting target is R100,000 (€5,000), which is enough to provide 10,000 meals. The Jeremy Loops team has already contributed R10,000 (€500) to get us started: we're 10% of the way there! With this R100,000 (€5000) sum, we’ll be working with Muizenberg-CAN to ramp up capacity in feeding local townships like Vrygrond and other places in need in the greater Muizenberg area, as well as sending food and resources to CANs further afield as the campaign grows.

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Initially set out to raise R100 000 to provide 10,000 meals, The Big Food Drive tripled its target raising R300,000 in just 24 hours. Now the aim is to raise R500 000 and through the use of a carefully thought-out food network consisting of food producers, delivery vehicles, volunteers, warehousing depots, and soup kitchens, TBFD will distribute 50,000 meals to communities in need. Food items sourced by the drive will be cleaned and quarantined to ensure health safety as the country continues to tackle the coronavirus.

Led by Jeremy Loops, The Big Food drive has seen hundreds of fundraisers from around the world pledge their donations on a site dedicated to the initiative. “Given our country’s history of colonialism and apartheid causing an unequal society, and with lockdown triggering one of the biggest food crises this generation, I’ve been thinking long and hard on how I and many others can help put a plate of food on the table for those in need. Together with partner NGOs, Muizenberg CAN and community volunteers, we’ve launched The Big Food Drive with the aim of providing as many meals as possible to South Africans during COVID-19 Lockdown” – said Jeremy Loops, on the launch of The Big Food Drive.

Fresh off of launching, The Big Food Drive continues to see a huge influx of fundraisers assist in reaching milestones and achieving over R300 000 in just 24hrs.  Supporters for The Big Food Drive can track and participate in fundraising here.

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