Jameson First Shot 2017: Entries Are Open!

It’s no secret that we’re a keen supporter of the film industry and, for the sixth year, the Jameson First Shot competition is looking to give fearless filmmakers a break.

Jameson First Shot 2017

What’s The Deal?

Jameson First Shot gives a global platform to filmmakers who have the fierce vision and unique voice it takes to make it in this cut-throat industry, but don’t have the benefit of an influential uncle in the movie business to get their foot in the door.

This year three aspiring filmmakers will have the chance to write and direct a short film in Hollywood featuring award-winning British actor / director Dominic West.

Not bad for a first shot!

Why Though?

The Jameson family motto is Sine Metu, Latin for ‘without fear’. But it’s more than just a phrase on a bottle of whiskey. It’s a call to arms. An encouragement to be brave, daring, bold. It’s a mindset that allows you to fear a bit less and live a bit more.

Jameson First Shot dares aspiring filmmakers to be equally fearless, forthright and committed; to write about what matters to them, tell the stories that they want to tell and, ultimately, make the film they want to make.

For more information, click on this link: http://indiechannel.co.za/jameson-first-shot-2017/?utm_source=FB&utm_medium=CAROUSEL&utm_campaign=JAMESONFIRSTSHOT2017 

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