Inverroche’s Partnership To Unleash SA’s Next National Icon To The World Stage

At an intimate Tasting Event held exclusively for 45 VIPs at the G in Culture Studio in Sandton last week. Guests were invited to See Craft and Taste Perfection as the new partnership between Inverroche and Grid Worldwide was announced. In an event celebrating a premium home-grown brand, Inverroche’s distillers showcased the new Inverroche Mobile Gin School concept, creating and bottling an on-the-spot Grid x Inverroche Gin. Upon arrival, guests each contributed their ingredients to the limited-edition bottling, which was unveiled at the end of the afternoon.

Lorna Scott, founder of Inverroche Distillery, unveiled the brand’s journey from its small beginnings in Stillbaai to becoming the country’s largest artisanal gin brand.

David Higgs, a special guest at the event and one of South Africa’s best-loved chefs, spoke about the new partnership’s journey, coming from Cape Town to Johannesburg and both brands realising their full appeal and potential, not only in the culinary world, but in art, music and fashion. Grid and Inverroche are placing Johannesburg on the map as a global contender in terms of premium brands and culture.

For the love of craft

The partnership, which is far more than an agency being awarded the business of an alcohol rebrand, brings the Make it Mean Something Company together with South Africa’s first and finest Craft Gin Distillery.

“Over the years, we have had numerous agencies pitch for the Inverroche brand direction, but none of them were able to give me goose-bumps,” says Scott. “The professional layout, preparation and delivery was by far the best we have seen. Inverroche is all about simplicity and luxury, and as we scale up globally, we are confident that Grid will help us get there.”

Adam Byars, Joint-CEO of Grid Worldwide, is equally passionate about working with a brand that elevates the alchemy of crafting gin to an artform, confirming that for the investment creative agency, the partnership is not about winning new business. “For us, it’s about having the privilege to work on a new national icon for South Africa,” he says.

“Inverroche is already a world-class and respected Gin in a saturated market. The craftmanship and passion put into this product aligns with Grid’s beliefs and our value of creating meaning. We believe we can take Inverroche to new heights and make this South Africa’s next global treasure.”

A pioneering partnership

Over the past nine years, Inverroche has grown from a small family distillery in Stillbaai to become the country’s largest artisanal gin brand. The pioneering brand has three distinct gins, crafted using only a handful of more than 9 000 Fynbos botanicals, which grow nowhere else in the world.  Scott started Inverroche as an attempt to protect Fynbos from agricultural development and invasive alien species, and it is this local touch that gives Inverroche its unique and distinctive flavour.

Inverroche is already sold in 18 countries globally, and Scott and Pernod Ricard have been looking for a partner to elevate the brand even further.

“Our authenticity, craftsmanship and packaging have allowed us to be positioned in the eyes of more refined and discerning consumers and we can proudly sit alongside many other luxury global brands,” says Alex Farnell, General Manager, Sales and Marketing at Inverroche Distillery.

“The Inverroche story is one of a local brand taking on the world and winning,” says Luca Gallarelli, Group CEO of TBWA\ South Africa. “Grid’s story is one in the same. Both stand as lighthouses for excellence in South African ingenuity and creativity. The chemistry was tangible from the first meeting, and I have no doubt there is an alchemy in this union.”

From the Western Cape to the world

As Partners in Perfection, Grid’s team will work closely with Innverroche and Pernod Ricard to share the craft, quality, and ingredients of a home-grown treasure with the world.

“Doing anything for the love of craft means that it’s done with care, precision and passion,” says Nathan Reddy, founder and chairman of Grid Worldwide. “Craft is the difference between perfecting and perfection. For us, Inverroche represents the alchemy of a perfect brand and product that we can take to the world and make it mean something. This is who we are at Grid, and it’s who Inverroche are.

“Creating the next bespoke iconic South African export allows us to share the passion and fine craftsmanship of our country with the world, at a time when we need to focus on what it means to cross borders and enjoy beauty together.”

“For me, Grid’s team were mountains ahead in their pitch for the Inverroche business,” says Farnell “From the time the team arrived to present, right down to the extremely powerful and well-prepared content, the direction, ambition and capability stood out amongst all the rest. It was also very inspiring to watch Lorna Scott stand up and applaud at the end of the presentation.”

“We have always been a business that is proud of our local roots, but that plays on a global stage to create meaning for brands and consumers,” adds Byars. “This allowed us to go in and show Inverroche’s team a vision that can help catapult the brand to compete on a global level, sharing our unique African flavours with the world through a world-class luxury product.”

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