Inverroche Launches New Limited Edition Creative Collection Gin

This year Inverroche has introduced its 3rd and final addition to the Creative Collection Series,  Inverroche Coco Capensis. ‘Capensis’ refers to that which originates from, or which belongs to, the  Cape. It is the Latin name for the region, known as the Cape, at the Southern tip of Africa. Lorna  Scott, CEO and Founder of the brand, has always believed in pushing the boundaries with local flora and interesting botanicals, and for the first time in the brand’s existence, she has created a Gin where the consumer can explore the innovation of colour by adding a tasteless all-natural rose malva pinking essence into the outer box, which will transform the clear liquid into a beautiful and elegant pink colour.  

Lorna aims to create excitement within the brand by offering a limited-edition variant, with only  13 200 bottles available in South Africa which would make for the perfect Christmas gift or festive season celebration Gin. 

The Coco Capensis Gin liquid is an elegant, smooth & well-balanced, dry gin with a nuanced floral and fruit profile. It is a combination of various fynbos botanicals resulting in a variant that compliments the juniper and lends itself to a Gin which is perfect for mixability. The lead flavours are  Cape May and Rose Pelargonium, which is held together with very subtle characteristics of ruby chocolate. The gin is soft and tart on the nose, while the finish is well rounded and delicate. Lorna’s recommended serve is with premium Indian tonic over ice, garnished with rose petals, a sprig of orange buchu, pomegranate seeds and an almond macaroon or a strawberry tuile on the side creating a memorable summer drinking experience.  

It is the journey of storytelling, unique ingredients and a celebration of our heritage that has inspired the launch of the Coco Capensis Creative Collection No.3 which speaks to the home of  Inverroche based in Still Bay, of the Western Cape.  

This beautiful creation invites Inverroche’s consumers to share in the magic of alchemy.  Fill your life with creativity and pinking moments with the Coco Capensis Creative Collection No.3! Naturally, when you respect the ground, you take from, we all get to celebrate tomorrow.

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