Introducing MediHand by South African Spa Brand Elim

Elim Spa products launched an innovative pedicure line in Monaco recently.  Talk about Cape Town infiltrating the Royal Palace.

 While the beauty industry has seen several recent innovations in products and technology for facial beauty and cleansing, not many breakthroughs have occurred in the nail industry — that is until Elim Spa Products stepped in to change manicures and pedicures. Pedicures generally rely on filing and blading the nail, but Elim’s MediHeel pedicure chemically breaks down protein bonds on the skin to remove dead skin cells, leaving a smoother foot than traditional pedicures leave.

Elim’s products, from South Africa, also focus on PH balance to improve the appearance of the skin. Foot scrubs  are now obsolete with Elim’s Alpha-Hydroxy Exfoliant with wax beads. The exfoliant also features anti-bacterial and anti-fungal spa additives to replace  a foot soak and leave the foot clean.

MediHeel also features a non-slip cream for massages. This easy-to-spread cream dries on the skin to stop any slipping after treatments. And, finally, a gold-dusting finishes off the new MediHeel procedure. The dust is put on the feet and legs and features fine fragrances to leave its user feeling like a goddess.

Introducing MediHand by South African Spa brand Elim

Achieve younger looking hands and nails with a new, modern approach

Elim Spa Products are about to change the way you perceive the traditional manicure experience. The brand originated in Cape Town, South Africa ten years ago and is currently making waves all over the world.  With it’s innovative product line that offers effective results that are instantly visible, offering rejuvenated and younger looking skin. The Anti-ageing manicure you never knew you needed.

Often the first place to show signs of ageing are the hands, with tell tale signs such as agespots, wrinkles and veins that can rear their ugly head at any given time. Luckily Elim is on hand, quite literally, with a 4-step treatment to help achieve younger looking hands with conditioned nails using the Elim approach. MediHand aims to combat dry skin and rejuvenation concerns and the treatment is very much focused on obtaining results whilst not compromising on experience.

The benefits of receiving an Elim MediHand treatment include powerful active ingredients which penetrate the skin deeper and faster to ensure the skin is immediately hydrated. HydroThermal exfoliators are used to enable the skin to be able to achieve maximum absorption and the full product range is fragranced with the finest scents that ensure a sensorial experience every step of the MediHand journey.

The Elim Range are currently sold in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA.

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