Introducing Idiosyncratic Duo Frigid Armadillo

An idiosyncratic duo focusing on the sounds and realms of electronic music. Experimenting within a brew of several genres within the electronic music scene combined ethereal vocals; Frigid Armadillo see no boundaries in exploring concepts which translate into their unique style of providing feel-good vibes.

Frigid Armadillo was founded two years ago by friends Lebo Lechela and Siyabulela Buhlungu. The idea of Frigid Armadillo, at first, was just to form a house music duo with the intention of finding their place in the local market sonically as both DJs and producers. What they quickly realised is that artists tend to peak after a certain album (usually their third) and suffer from stifled creativity as a result of monotony. This, coupled with their own pursuit of innovation, gave the duo an idea to position
themselves uniquely within the music market.

The duo’s unique style is capable of satisfying varied musical tastes with their unpredictable and often experimental take on music- leaving nothing unventured within the electronic genre. This cross-genre style speaks to a wider audience base, while seamlessly shattering any creative boundaries that artists before them have found themselves stuck in. This found them being more electronic musicians/performers than merely producers. This is the essence of what Frigid Armadillo is all about: creating music for the masses in all electronic forms and performing the music beyond conventional frontiers.

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