Introducing Creator – A Mobile Network For Creative

This is Creator.

In their nine years to date, Creative Nestlings has actively played the role of connector– always striving to close the gaps between opportunities and obstacles facing young creative minds across the African continent.

This year they turn their attention to one of the biggest obstacles facing South African creatives in virtually every sector: data.

They use it to connect with the world, to learn, build, and launch dreams on a global scale – but it costs way too much.

So, when Creative Nestlings was approached by a new mobile network to help build an offering around the needs of creatives, they welcomed the opportunity.

Creator is a new mobile network for connected, curious, and entrepreneurial creatives.

More than a mobile network offering favourable voice and data rates, Creator is a community of creatives connected to each other with the potential for collaboration at greater speeds.

The Creator community journey began by bringing the Nestlings community into the design process with a logo design competition. Illustrator, art director, and All Hail The Honey creatorRendani Nemakhavani (aka PR$DNT HONEY) won the competition for Creator’s logo in December 2018 at BKhz Studio & Gallery in Braamfontein.

Over the next few months Creator’s connectivity offerings will roll out to creatives like you.

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