[INTERVIEW] E!’s Celebrity Game Night Episode 3

If you’re obsessed with NBC’s Celebrity Game Night with Jane Lynch – celebs acting silly in hilarious challenges; what’s not to like! – then get ready for the South African edition, hosted by Anele Mdoda, and airing on E! Entertainment on DStv.

We caught up with the new celebs ahead of tonight’s episode, check this out!!

Team Ayanda – Khanyi/Kahn/Anne

Khanyi, CGN dream team? “I would bring back legends; I would bring back Brenda Fassie, I would bring back Hugh Masekela and I would bring back Lebo Matosa, cos I would love to see their fun side. They were quite serious about their craft, so I’d love to see them do their thing.”

Favourite game? “I love Thirty Seconds, it’s my ultimate. Monopoly is also a favourite, any day.”

Favourite E! show? “I have several shows; the Kardashians are still number one, E News is number two, because it keeps me abreast and, for me, during red carpet season E! has the best. It is unchallenged!”

Kahn, CGN dream team? “First would be Paul McCartney, mainly because I’m a musician. My celebrity crush has always been Natalie Portman, so she’d be second, and then a person that I admire for both his business acumen and his philanthropy would be Bill Gates.”

Favourite game? “There’s a South African game called Thirty Seconds, which is pretty fun. Pictionary is pretty fun, and Coin Age.”

Anne Hirsch who is on your CGN dream team? “Well, it would have to be my best friend, Angelina Jolie, I don’t know if you knew she was my best friend? We have a lot in common, she started her career as a model and I make model airplanes; it would be Beyoncé, for obvious reasons, also I need the street cred. And the last one would probably be Anele because I feel she has decision-making powers that I would need. Anele, if you’re reading this, you are a beautiful woman. Powerful and beautiful.”

Favourite game? “I play Thirty Second

Team Jason – Pearl/Lootlove/Mojack

Pearl, tell us who’s going to be on your CGN dream team? “Imagine the late, great Brenda Fassie with Lebo Matosa – imagine those energies together – and I guess tonight I get to live my celebrity dream team because Khanyi Mbau is actually one of those people, that I’m with tonight! So all of those three together would make magic.”

Favourite game? “Snakes and Ladders, very simple!”

Do you watch E! – what’s your favourite show? “I love Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Tyler Henry.”

Lootlove, CGN dream team? “I’d definitely have Rihanna, I’d have Barack Obama and then I’d get Drake. I think that would be major.”

Favourite game? “Definitely Thirty Seconds. I’m so competitive it’s so bad, I’ve actually stopped playing. I get too emotional, my friends have actually banned me from the game.”

Do you watch E!? “Yes, I do. All I do is watch the Kardashians, I’ve realized how in love with Kylie I am, please bring back Life of Kylie, Instagram is not enough! I think the Kardashians are just pop icons.”

Mojack, CGN dream team? “I’d want Michael Jordan, he probably wouldn’t know any answers, but he’d have great energy. I’d also like Carol Vorderman – if we had any maths questions I think she’d be great – and I’d like Thabo Mbeki, if there were questions about politics and philosophy and economics and we wanted to know about the GDP!”

Favourite game? “I play video games at home, all the video games. I play Thirty Seconds, I’m a big fan of that and chess, once in a while, when I can find someone to play with. I’m not big on Monopoly, it’s too real. Lots of dispossession of homes and I’m not on board with that!”

Catch them tonight on E! (DStv Channel 124) on Monday 11 November at 20h00!


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