[LISTEN] Inside Sipho The Gift’s 4 Track EP Titled #Bloom

Born Sipho Languza, the Kimberly-born, Stellenbosch-based young rapper and producer has spent ample time honing his craft to bring a fresh face to the world of South African raps. Consistently conscious of himself and his surroundings, the man we’ve come to know as “Gifted” lives up to his name in this 4 track EP entitled Bloom, an introspective yet easy-on-the-ear exploration into self-love sans bravado and wordplay that feels good to hear and even better to imitate.

“The EP is made up of songs I made for fun and kept to myself because I thought maybe no one would want to hear them. But later on I changed my mind, shifted focus and decided to release them. They’re so dope after all! Every song is self-produced and engineered. The EP serves as an appetizer to a follow up full project set to drop later this year. The tape is basically a celebration of me still, after all these years, finding new gears and ways to grow into better doper versions of myself.” Sipho the Gift

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