Inside RnB Newcomer Raspy’s First 7-Track EP Heart Crisis

The gritty Raspy gives us her first EP: Heart Crisis, a seven-track EP that features two of the biggest Hip-Hop artists Blxckie and Bigstar Johnson. This EP is definitely the next wave in South African RnB. This talented vocalist is the next big thing in SA, she has such a raw soothing voice with a sprinkle of a rasping pitch. This body of work has a beautiful story flow that takes us on a journey about her relationships from heartbreaks to finding peace and healing. Every song on the EP shows how versatile her voice is, from RnB sound to a pop tune singing in English to vernacular.

The first track on the EP Bad Energy has a groovy afrobeat tune that takes you on a voyage straight to Naija with her vocals giving off Jamaican vibes. In this one, she basically entails she does not want no bad energy is needed from a guy who is still juggling two girls at once. Straight from this jam on to another is a song you will want to dedicate to your person after a fight; titled I’m Sorry.

Just when you thought Raspy could not flex harder on us, she throws a jab in a beautiful vernacular song Buya; the song is authentic as she sings in IsiZulu which adds RnB a touch of uniqueness. Primo’s Interlude is a definite show off, she hops on a smooth low tempo beat with her raspy vocals that link up the project’s frame. This is her singing about her realisation that there is a thin line between love and lust the line crosses over, lyrically Raspy is killing it if there is any needed help to save South African RnB, we nominate Raspy!

The next two singles are both love songs, and they feature two of the biggest ‘stars’ in Hip-Hop, Stupid and Dumb features Blxckie which is her lead single. Love Things features Bigstar Johnson, it also has a beautiful story about choosing to love and never-ending the feeling. The final single New Man is a “boy bye” anthem, showing off your new man to your old man because he could not step up. This EP is a beautiful craft, Sundays will never be the same anymore.

Insight on the EP:

1.What inspired the EP?

“I was in a very vulnerable space, dealing with heartbreaks so I decided to sing about my journey in dating and open up about it because I had not spoken about this. I chose music as it was my escape and treated it as therapy to open up and talk about how I felt”

2. It’s women’s month, how does it feel making it in the industry as a woman?

“Making it is a win but making it as a woman in the industry surpasses the word ‘win’. The fact that I’m able do what I love every day is already a win but to make it in this male-dominated industry just makes me feel like I can do just about anything.

Nothing is Impossible, you create your limits”

3. What is your favourite song on the EP and why?

Buya is my favourite song because I was most vulnerable at that point in my life and it was the first time in a while I had been real about how I felt, it gives me joy to see I have overcome that phase and I am where I am now”

4. Behind the scenes fun facts about the EP

  • None of the songs were written they were all freestyled.
  • The only song that is not about me is Buya, I was singing about my friend on a story she had told me before, the rest of the songs are all about me.

Seven Track EP:

  1. Raspy – bad energy
  2. Raspy – I’m sorry
  3. Raspy – Buya
  4. Raspy – Primo’s interlude
  5. Raspy feat Blxckie – Stupid & Dumb
  6. Raspy feat Bigstar Johnson – Love things
  7. Raspy – New man

To all the RnB lovers, here is art for your ears!!! Get it here!

Connect with Raspy

Instagram: @raspy_sa

Twitter: @RealRaspy

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