Inside Re.decay’s Joburg Songwriting & Production Camp

The Songwriting & Production Camp took place at Jazzworx Studios and brought together some of the most talented up-and-coming artists and producers in the industry for a week of dialogue, education, and equitable collaboration.

Re.decay released a teaser video with a glimpse into the electric week including footage of workshops, recording sessions, and candid interviews. It will be followed by artist-focused EPs, music videos, and a short documentary all to be released on RDK Records. “The camp exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable,” says Owen Ross, one-half of Re.decay. “The talent and work ethic of all of the participants was truly inspiring, and we can’t wait to share their work with the world”.

Re.decay has a long history of international collaboration as producers and their unique brand of songwriting camp is an exciting next step. Keep an eye on Re.decay as they release the music made at their South Africa camp throughout 2023 on RDK Records.

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    […] that would make any battle rapper blush. One of the EPs that came out of the now-famous Re.decay songwriting camp at Jazzworx Studios in late 2022 is called “Superstar.” This EP showcases production […]

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