Indulge In Samba As Obrigado Goes To Brazil This September

OLA! DJ Kenzhero & Tha_MuziK are excited to announce that popular Afro-Latin event Obrigado will be taking to international shores in September 2019.  

Celebrating over 4years of Latin Music with South African party goers; Obrigado powered by MNM Marketing Solutions in partnership with Soul Traveller Tours, Kaya FM, Bacardi and Sol Beer will be going to Brazil this spring!

The Afro-Latin movement is now offering music, cultural discoveries, sight-seeing and an unforgettable SAMBA party experience in Brazil’s two major cities over 7days! This will be the first of many Obrigado Travels international experiences where 40 South African’s will get to truly experience Latin heritage, music, art, food and culture while turning up in sophistication!

In its existence, Obrigado has attracted scores of people to its bespoke celebration of Latin Music presented in traditional Samba and Bossa Nova; as well as House and Hip-Hop music throughout Mozambique, Johannesburg and Cape Town. It is no surprise that music fans can now join founders MNM Marketing Solutions, DJ Kenzhero and Tha_MuziK as they turn up in Rio de Janeiro and Sāo Paulo from 12 – 18 September 2019.

The Obrigado travelling party will get to visit the world-famous statue Christ The Redeemer; experience breathtaking views from Sugarloaf Mountain; and share instagrammable moments from the infamous Selaron Steps; and much more all the while partying up to Samba and Bossa Nova with a mix of South African and Brazilian DJ’s and entertainers.

“We are so excited to take some of our most loyal Obrigado patrons to experience the birth place of Samba with us in September” said Obrigado founder Tha_MuziK. Co-Founder for Obrigado, DJ Kenzhero went on to add “Yeah, it’s been a dream of ours since the conception of Obrigado; and now together with Soul Traveller Tours, we are able to watch this dream come to life!”.

Speaking at the launch of Obrigado goes to Brazil, Tebogo Moalusi of MNM Marketing Solutions went on to detail the newly announced Obrigado goes to Brazil party, “Obrigado is not just one party that we host on occasion; it is a movement that incorporates food, art, Latin culture, music and ambience for a truly Afro-Latin experience. Together with Soul Traveller Tours, we have carefully curated an experience that will see South African’s travel to South America (some for the first time) for authentic Latin festivities in and around Sao Paulo and Rio De Janerio.” He went on to say, “Obrigado goes to Brazil has been a dream for over 3years. We have travelled to Brazil ahead of creating this experience, and we cannot wait to share what we have found with all those joining us for our first Obrigado Travels.”

Soul Traveller Tours CEO and Founder Penny Ndlela further stated, “We have created a unique all-inclusive, hassle free party tour filled with exquisite rooftop parties, walks on crystal beaches and much more for a memorable Obrigado in Brazil! We want those travelling with us to come back feeling like Brazilian locals, and hence the activities planned for the duration of travel have been tailored to make you feel like a Paulisto in Brazil. So pack your bags and book your spot at Obrigado in Brazil!”

Be sure to secure your spot and immerse yourself in the best that Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro has to offer with Obrigado in Brazil.

Brush up on your Samba skills and your Portuguese as package bookings are available from 04 March 2019.

Space is limited so be sure to follow @ObrigadoSA on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more details and pricing information.

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